Design milestone achieved on JORN over the horizon radar

Daronmont Technologies has achieved a major milestone in the $1.2 billion upgrade of Australia’s JORN over the horizon defence radar, with the completion of advanced design work for the hundreds of sounders and transponders that enable the strategically important surveillance of the oceans across Australia’s north.

Each sounder provides a primary source of return data which is bounced off the ionosphere, collected and analysed by the Jindalee Operational Radar Network.

In February 2022, Daronmont Technologies delivered the last of a comprehensive data pack in the lead up to the Sounders and Transponders Detailed Design Review (DDR), opening the way for subsystems and componentry to be fabricated.

The JORN array of three high-frequency (HF) radars are located in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, with the system’s entire electronics being upgraded from analogue to digital in what is known as a Phase 6 upgrade.

New sounders and transponders are also being added to the network to increase the capability of the JORN radar.

The electronics are 35 years old and spread in three broadcasting and three receiving radar arrays, with the upgrade to extend JORN’s operational life to beyond 2042.

Daronmont Technologies, which deigns and manufactures complex high technology systems, is a teaming partner to lead JORN contractor BAE Systems Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Daronmont CEO Ben Norris said: “This result is the culmination of several years of hard work and strong collaboration and we now look forward to executing our designs in the next exciting phase of the sounders and transponders upgrade.

“We value the strong partnership with BAE Systems Australia and especially the Integrated Project Team (IPT) approach that the company champions.”

BAE Systems Australia Director of Battlespace Integrated Solutions Ash Searl said JORN was a critical asset that ensures the Australian Defence Force has a comprehensive understanding of activity north of Australia’s maritime borders.

“This latest on-schedule milestone is a result of the excellent working relationship between the Commonwealth, BAE Systems and Daronmont Technologies and clearly demonstrates the benefits of having a collaborative “one team” approach.

“Well done to all the people involved in this outstanding outcome.”

Pictures: Department of Defence (main) and BAE Systems Australi’s David Bataljin, and Daronmont Technologies Lee Stanley

(right) and

(left) .

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