Does Australia need a peak body to represent and to grow its additive manufacturing industry?

An interesting yarn that appeared in Engineers Australia’s magazine a while ago is now online.

Additive manufacturing is the future, and it’s time we take it seriously

In it, Alex Kingsbury and Professor Ian GIbson of Deakin make the case for an Australia Makes, similar to America makes, to help build on the country’s early successes in additive manufacture. These include several medical world firsts, the first 3D printed rocket engine and the first cold spray 3D printer. There’s promising activity here, but there’s also a need to scale up.

“‘Australia Makes’ would provide forums for competitors to meet and discuss common concerns/hurdles, it would advocate for our industry to government, it would uphold and promote Australia’s achievements in AM technology around the world. It would listen to and respond to the needs of our industry, and it would educate and support new businesses to adopt this very important advanced technology,” they write.

“AM is growing at an exponential rate. It offers an amazing opportunity for businesses to be competitive by making products previously believed to be ‘unmakeable’.

The value proposition of AM speaks directly to Australia’s situation – it is a high-value, low-volume technique that needs the support of a highly-trained workforce to be successful.

The translation to industry is strong, with many, varied businesses establishing all over the country. But it is not happening fast enough.”


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