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dorsaVi develops new spinal sensor tech with Medtronic

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Australian medical technology firm dorsaVi has developed wearable sensors to monitor people with spinal conditions.

Working with global medtech giant Medtronic, the two companies have collaborated to make the first beta version of a new sensor for the assessment of the quality of movement in patients suffering from a range of spinal conditions.

The sensors rely on dorsaVi’s technology and its custom-built AI algorithms.

“dorsaVi’s wearable sensor technology is intended to make it possible to drive greater spinal diagnostic insights via wearable patient movement sensors,” the company said in an announcement.

Dr. Andrew Ronchi, dorsaVi’s chief executive, said this beta testing of this new technology – carried out at a clinical site in the U.S. – is a major milestone in the partnership.

“The project is the result of over one and a half years of collaboration between dorsaVi and Medtronic where our cutting-edge sensor technology and proprietary AI algorithms have helped make the project possible,” Ronchi said.

“With the initial development phase complete and beta testing underway, we are proud of the milestones we have achieved to date, and look forward to progressing our relationship with Medtronic as the project evolves.”

In the wake of this development, the two companies have extended their partnership, looking towards eventual commercialization of the technology.


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