Drone manufacturer develops camouflaged UAVs

Drone manufacturer Simbiant Pty Ltd is recruiting to expand its development of a range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and camouflaged drones.

CEO Steve Auch-Schwelk said the company was using ‘active and adaptive technologies’ to hide UAVs in plain sight.

Recruiting is underway to ramp up its aeronautics division to enter Phase-1 test flights of a stealth UAV.

“We are currently looking for super-motivated Electronic Engineers, Mechatronic Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, Software Engineers, and Control Systems Engineers, to live the dream of working on sci-fi technology, today,” he said.

The company specialises in software and systems engineering for defence and commercial clients, and utilises ‘machine vision, photonics, AI and Edge computing.

“The applications of modelling and simulation are limited only by our imaginations”.”

Picture: Simbiant

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