DroneShield achieves UK defence compliance

Drone detection and countermeasure company DroneShield has reached compliance with the UK Ministry of Defence SAPIENT format which is the standard counter drone communication system in the UK.

Sensing for Asset Protection with Integrated Electronic Networked Technology or SAPIENT is a common operating format for defence devices.

It offers a standard approach for AI and autonomy in networked multi-sensor systems in security and defence, and is being evaluated as a potential NATO standard for counter-drone systems.

Going forward, DroneShield’s AI-enabled counterdrone/C-UAS RfPatrol, RfOne, and DroneSentry-X products have the capability to provide a SAPIENT compliant output.

The SAPIENT system greatly reduces bandwidth and operator load in the analysis of data across a battlefield.

The individual sensors are advanced, using artificial intelligence (AI) to make detections and classifications locally, sending only the information not the raw data, to the command and control system.

Picture: DroneShieldl

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