DroneShield updates sensor to detect drones 8km away

Drone detection and countermeasure manufacturer DroneShield has released an updated version of its far-reaching detection system christened the RfOne MKII sensor (picture).

Used for drone detection, identification and tracking at distances of up to eight kilometres, the installation of a number of devices allows accurate triangulation of drones intruding into controlled airspace.

RfOne MKII incorporates radiofrequency direction-finding capabilities with unmatched sensing range and target tracking accuracy.

The sensor is completely passive and non-emitting, eliminating interference with any other nearby sensors and not requiring regulator spectrum approvals.

The system comes with subscription based software updates to keep up to date with the rapidly changing drone market.

Its passive nature also appeals to defence customers, as the sensor does not give away its location via RF spectrum.

The airport market is of particular relevance to RfOne MKII, because of its long range and passive nature, including a recent successful European airport trials with Deutsche Telekom.

Picture: DroneShield/Picture: RfOne MKII

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