DXN to build its tenth Pacific data station

Modular data centre specialist DXN has signed a contract to supply its tenth pre-fabricated modular data cable landing station to the Pacific islands.

The latest agreement, for $714,000, will see three terrestrial cable landing stations constructed, delivering high-speed broadband communications to Tokelau.

DXN announced the contract with Telecommunication Tokelau Corporation which supplies services to the New Zealand dependency, located 480 kilometres north of Samoa.

DXN CEO Matthew Madden said the company would design, build and deploy the modular structures on three atolls.

“These are critical facilities that will allow Teletok’s infrastructure network to deliver high speed broadband.

“This contract brings the total number of cable landing stations being built by the company in the Pacific islands in the past six months to ten.”

DXN is also constructing Southern Cross Cables NEXT international cable landing station on one of the three atolls, Nukunonu with installation to occur at the same time.

The project is being jointly funded by the New Zealand ministry of foreign affairs and the Government of Tokelau.

Picture: Atafu atol, Tokelau

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