DXN to supply pre-fab data centres for Connected Farms

Modular data centre manufacturer DXN has signed an agreement to supply its fully engineered factory built centres for up to 15 farm sites across Australia.

The first purchase order from Connected Farms is worth under $1 million and will go to two sites in Queensland and New South Wales.

The remainder will be rolled out over 13 sites in the next 18 months.

Connected Farms and DXN have together developed a standard design for the modules though they will vary in capacity and price.

Connected Farms is an Australian-owned Licensed Telecommunications Carrier providing connectivity and high quality broadband services including voice, data and farm internet of things (IoT) applications.

Their offering includes edge micro datacentres which reduce latency and allow better near-farm data processing of IoT sensors and live-video feeds.

Wit the rise of the cloud, edge technologies bring computing infrastructure closer to where it is required.

DXN CEO Matthew Madden said agriculture was one of the key growth sectors for data.

He said: “Australia is the global leader in autonomous vehicles thanks to the large investment from our mining sector.

“Agriculture is the next market that will embrace autonomous vehicles and we are excited about helping another Australian company lead the way.”

Picture: DXN

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