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ecoBiz platform helps SMEs cut energy use and waste

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Business Chamber Queensland and the state government have launched ecoBiz, an online programme to help the state’s 450,000 small businesses cut energy costs, emissions and waste.

The free ecoBiz digital platform and carbon module will assist businesses with fewer than 200 full-time workers to become environmentally responsive, supply-chain ready and economically sustainable.

The initiative includes funding of $10.3 million over three years from the state’s $1.1 billion Recycling and Jobs Fund.

An extension of a decade long partnership between the government and Business Chamber Queensland, ecoBiz provides businesses with practical solutions to reduce their energy, water and waste, and leading them to save on running costs.

The CEO Business Chamber Queensland Heidi Cooper said: “Last financial year alone ecoBiz businesses, saved the equivalent of 4,000 households in energy, 2,400 households worth of waste and 41 Olympic swimming pools of water.

“This equates to a reduction in emissions equivalent to taking 8,400 passenger vehicles off Queensland roads for a year.”

Cooper said the carbon module extended the ecoBiz offering to further future-proof business, and help businesses respond to evolving consumer, market, supply chain and investor expectations.

“It means businesses will have access to a fit-for-purpose, contemporary and effective tool, to guide and support them to reduce their carbon emissions become more sustainable – and all free-of-charge.”

Early results show that on average operators have improved their energy consumption by one-fifth, water use by one-third and reduced waste by almost one-half, saving thousands of dollars.

“The ecoBiz programme has been developed by business for business, and our team of business sustainability experts work with businesses every day to understand what they need to be sustainable and competitive now and in the future.”

Image: Business Chamber Queensland

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