Eden Innovation in bridge to US market

Carbon nanotube concrete developer Eden Innovation has made its first sale into the bridge repair market in the United States.

The company has added to its road repair projects that first took it into the US market with trials to be conducted using EdenCrete to repair bridges identified in the state of Georgia.

Edencrete will be first tested in new concrete decking to spans of the Little River bridge (pictured).

EdenCrete’s advantage is its carbon nanotubes give greater bearing capacity for applications such as slabs, columns or footings.

The nanotubes fill the spaces at the nanoscopic level between the hydrated cement particles, creating flexible and strong carbon bridges.

In other developments in Georgia, Eden has won it second highway repair project in the state, a $17.4 million repair of 17 miles of highway and road in Fulton and Cobb counties.

The repairs will use 11,000 gallons of Edencrete worth $257,000.

Also Eden has secured its first Georgia readymix operator that has developed a standard concrete mix incorporating EdenCrete.

Picture: Eden Innovation/Little River bridge, Georgia

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