Edencrete sales push in India

Composite road surface developer Eden Innovations (ASX: EDE) has launched a sales push for its EdenCrete products in India.

Eden reports that it is in discussions with leading Indian companies in the construction, infrastructure and ready-mix concrete sectors.

The company has focussed to date on commercialising its carbon nanotube concrete additives in the United States, as reported in @AuManufacturing news.

EdenCrete’s advantage is its carbon nanotubes give greater bearing capacity for applications such as slabs, columns or footings.

The nanotubes fill the spaces at the nanoscopic level between the hydrated cement particles, creating flexible and strong carbon bridges.

Now the company has been conducting tests on Indian raw materials, including fly ash and blast furnace slag.

India is considered a highly prospective market for Eden, with concrete consumption now exceeding 270 million tonnes a year.

Picture: Eden Innovation

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