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Ego Pharmaceuticals’ doubles output on export success

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Dermatological skincare company Ego Pharmaceuticals has celebrated two milestones of 70 years of operations globally and 30 years in the Middle East with the opening of a new office in Dubai, UAE.

Ego Pharmaceuticals was the first Australian skincare company to venture into the Middle East, with booming export sales now powering a doubling of output at its Melbourne factory, according to a statement.

Over three decades, Ego has solidified its presence in the region, which contributes to half of its total exports and 25 percent of its overall global business.

With a workforce of 110 professionals across seven Middle Eastern countries, Ego Pharmaceuticals is moving to a new MEA support centre in central Dubai and expanding operations in Saudi Arabia later in the year.

Managing Director Alan Oppenheim said Ego’s entry into the Middle East was a significant leap for the small company.

Oppenheim said: “Looking back on the collective efforts of our teams in Australia and the Middle East over these three decades fills me with immense pride.

“Knowing that our products have played a role in improving the lives of those in the Middle East dealing with chronic skin conditions is truly gratifying.

“We are now a leading Australian company with sustainable operations in a vibrant and growing Middle East market.”

From its initial entry into the UAE in 1993, the company expanded its presence into Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.

Recognitions include awards at the Australian Export Awards for Health and Biotechnology in 2015, as well as the Manufacturing Export Award and Australian Exporter of the Year in 2017.

Ego’s thriving export success to the Middle East has led to significant investments in Melbourne operations, including current projects to upgrade its manufacturing facility and the expansion of its global distribution centre.

These initiatives are expected to increase production capacity by 100 poercent and create 90 new jobs.

Picture: Ego Pharmaceuticals Dubai office opening/Heidi Venamore, Alan Oppenheim, Jassem Al Awadhi, Jane Oppenheim and Mounir Sankary

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