Elsight gears up for new opportunities

While many companies are winding down their operations because of the coronavirus epidemic, wireless video and data transmission technology company group Elsight is gearing up for new opportunities.

The maker of equipment for real-time data, video and audio transmission over cellular networks has already augmented its supply chains with new suppliers in Israel and elsewhere.

This replaces parts of its supply chain formerly supplied from China.

Now it is engaging in discussions with police, security forces, healthcare and other essential services seeking to maintain connectivity with remote assets.

“We are in close communication with our partners and are actively engaged with a number of key players in the medical and emergency security fields regarding an array of business opportunities that have gained more urgency due to the outbreak and subsequent restrictions.

“The most important objective of government in a time of viral pandemic is to ensure the continual operation of hospitals and the healthcare sector.”

Elsight offers a telemedicine solution called Smart Medicase jointly developed with Alrena Technologies that can facilitate treatment of non-virus issues without interruption.

The comany is also exploring financing options to fund ongoing operations.

Pictures: Elsight Limited

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