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EM Solutions’ in-orbit test of satellite transponder

Manufacturing News

Communications manufacturer EM Solutions has successfully completed the first of its system level tests for a transponder developed for Telesat’s LEO 3 demonstration satellite.

Launched on 18 July, the satellite payload features both Ka and V-band uplinks and downlinking on either Ka or Q-band according to an announcement.

Its compact size, weight and power consumption were tailored for operation on Space Flight Laboratory’s (SFL) DEFIANT platform, a compact microsatellite measuring just 30x30x45 cm and weighing only 30 kg.

Chief Engineer at EM Solutions Garth Niethe said: “This was a great collective effort by EM Solutions’ design, test and assembly members and the company’s suppliers and customers, SFL and Telesat.

“The effort was even more significant given the tight schedule and global component shortage issues.

“We specifically want to thank the National Space Test Facility at the Australian National University for their support in undertaking environmental testing.”

Expanding on EM Solutions’ experience with space flight hardware, the communications payload was designed and manufactured at the company’s Brisbane, Australia head office.

The facility now includes a new ISO7 (Class 10000) clean room, encompassing 100 square meters, new workstation areas, and wire bonding machines.

Niethe said: “We want to continue to leverage the successful research and development efforts in Q and V bands for our most recent satellite transponder payload as we venture into other applications utilising our substantial expertise in microwave product design and manufacturing.”

EM Solutions is a subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems.

Picture: EM Solutions

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