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EMVision further develops its portable stroke scanner

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Medical imaging manufacturer EMVision Medical Devices is further developing its innovative portable brain scanner.

The company’s first generation scanner, which uses microwave imaging techniques to detect strokes at the point of care, is undergoing clinical testing.

Now the Brisbane company has assembled an advanced 28-antenna prototype of its 2nd generation ultra-light weight helmet scanner (pictured) designed for road and air ambulance deployment.

The Gen 2 headset weighs less than 10kgs and can be transported to the patient by first responders using a backpack.

The 28-antenna array is designed to provide entire brain coverage in a single scan.

A reusable but replaceable silicone membrane with coupling media links the antennas to the head. The coupling media is replaced after each scan – providing EMVision with a potential ongoing income other than equipment sales.

Core algorithms being developed for the company’s Gen 1 device will be adapted for the Gen 2 system.

EMVision has previously reported promising results from from a patient study of its haemorrhagic stroke detection algorithm.

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Picture: EMVision Medical Devices

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