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Entech Electronics expands in Adelaide and Malaysia

Manufacturing News

Electronics manufacturer Entech Electronics has announced factory expansions, both locally in Adelaide and offshore in Southeast Asia where it is establishing in Malaysia for the first time.

The company, which is a contract manufacturer offering PCB assembly, turnkey assembly, prototyping, and bare PCB supply, has begun construction of a new Adelaide factory and HQ, with an anticipated move-in date of April, 2024.

The factory is being built on a 10,000 square metre site, with 4,500 square metres under cover, according to Entech Group CEO Wayne Hoffman.

In making the announcement the company’s facilities were inspected by Susan Close, Deputy Premier of South Australia and Minister of Industry, Innovation and Science.

The company said that continuous improvement, growth, and a focus on the global supply chain of electronics components and materials had set the stage for its third manufacturing location and further expansion into Southeast Asia.

The company has a factory in Shenzen, China, and has operated a Singapore supply hub for the past three years, reaching out to businesses in Malaysia in preparation for the latest overseas expansion.

Hoffman said: “It is a significant factory here in Adelaide…with the capability to take our factory floor space to double what it is at the moment.

“So these are exciting times here in Adelaide and we hope to have that online by the end of April, 2024.”

Hoffman said the new Malaysian operation would feature ‘glue and screw operations’ but also the full supply chain of plastics, metalwork, hardware, wiring, harnessing through to finished product.

In Australia Entech plays a role in commercialising and manufacturing product from young companies, taking them through the prototyping stages to viable and ultimately volume production.

Hoffman said: “We see ourselves as enablers of designers. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients successful”.

Picture: Entech Electronics

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