EOS denies its weapons used in Yemen conflict

Canberra optics and weapons systems manufacturer, Electro Optic Systems (ASX: EOS) has denied its powerful weapons systems have been deployed in the bloody conflict engulfing Yemen.

As reported in @AuManufacturing, EOS was criticised for a $450 million arms sale to the UAE which many believe will end up being used by Saudi Arabia against rebels in Yemen.

EOS, which makes weapons systems that can be remotely operated from inside the protection of an armoured car, is representative of the increasing lethality of military exports from Australia.

EOS released a four paragraph statement in response to media requests.

This said EOS weapons were exported form Australia to its allies and coalition partners of Australia and the USA.

The statement said: “Access is subject to simultaneous formal approval by both those countries.

“This dual restriction renders these products amongst the most highly controlled in the world, since both the USA and Australia closely observe the laws of armed conflict and apply high standards for human rights.”

Until recently, there was bi-partisan support in Australia which restricted Australian defence exports to non-lethal products, such as HF radios but not rifles.

This policy changed without public discussion three years ago.

EOS said the two controlling governments objectively assessed all relevant factors, and they determined the “applications and users they support.”

“No EOS product has ever been deployed or used in Yemen.”

The EOS statement did not canvass where the very large sale to the UAE would be utilised.

Picture: EOS Systems

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