EOS reveals laser energy weapon system – video


Defence, space and communications manufacturer Electro Optic Systems has released a video (below) of its new directed-energy (DE) laser weapon system.

The system is shown mounted on the company’s T2000 medium calibre turret, and operates to coordinate the response to an armed drone approaching a group of armoured vehicles.

The T2000 turret was launched in 2019 and was developed by EOS and Israeli company, Elbit Systems.

It incorporates EOS’s remote weapons station which controls the fire of machine guns, cannon and rockets.

The laser system is capable of a ‘hard kill’ of an incoming drone or is able to blind or degrade the flight of a drone at a distance.

Hanwha Defence Australia is proposing the T2000 turret as one of two options for its Redback infantry fighting vehicle vying for a contract under the army’s Land 400 Phase 3 IFV requirement.

EOS Defence Systems CEO Grant Sanderson is quoted in Janes defence media: “The T2000-DE is part of a CUAS system which is complemented by the T2000 main armament and remote weapon stations.

“Our intent is to offer a layered integrated solution that provides area coverage but retains individual capability to defeat drone threats.”

Picture: Electro Optic Systems

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