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ERP technology smooths operations – Join Patrick Ferron for our upcoming webinar

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Like many SME manufacturers Toowoomba, Queensland manufacturer Great Western Manufacturing had an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that was not being utilised to its full potential, especially to help stream line operations that are often stretched by the sort of workforce shortages affecting all manufacturing.

So financial controller Patrick Ferron and the manufacturing leader in the company have deployed new features of their ERP system that could better leverage their existing IT investment, as well as improve planning and visibility of components moving through their production system.

The company employs 80 building a wide range of metal products, including small and large agricultural equipment for other companies within the Great Western Corporation group, so tracking the production and availability of parts through the plant is a basic.

Said Ferron: “It is not revolutionary, but these are steps we needed to take.”

Ferron and fellow manufacturing leaders will explore options for investing in new technologies to ease the worker shortage, as well as ways to recruit, upskill and retain staff in an online webinar to be held on Tuesday, 29 August at 11am eastern time.

Register your interest in attending @AuManufacturing and Epicor’s online webinar discussing automation, smart data and workforce shortages – here.

Joining Ferron will be Greg O’Loan, the Regional Vice President of Epicor in Australia and New Zealand, Richard Simpson, Managing Director at Furnace Engineering and Gavin Dunwoodie, Managing Director and Group CEO of PFi.

Ferron’s situation is typical of many Australian SMEs – with only a very small leadership group, accessing knowledge on the most appropriate technologies, and finding the time to deploy them and upskill staff to use themcan be a headache.

The 29 August webinar will explore the many ways three Australian SME’s have responded to workforce and skills shortages.

Why not join us? Register your interest in attending – here.

Picture: Patrick Ferron

This webinar is brought to you with the support of Epicor

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