Evos launches home EV charger system

Brisbane EV start up Evos has launched a simple, easy to install home electric vehicle charger, the EVOS Fleet Home22 (pictured).

The charger is aimed at fleet customers, giving employees a simple system that has be easily installed as a single or three phaser power unit.

According to the company: “By maximising the benefits of Electric Vehicles and optimising energy use, we will accelerate the uptake of zero emission fleets.

“We believe zero emission fleets are critical for a healthier planet and reducing our impact on the earth.”

The charger is the first product from the group following a $1.7 million capital raising.

Initially the units will be sold through petrol retailer Ampol.

Evos boasts the unit can be uninstalled by the vehicle driver, who could also swap to the correct charging cable without calling a technician.

It is also modularised for simple service and maintenance, and is linked by wireless communication.

The company’s hardware and software is Australian made, and has a focus on reducing costs by managing energy and simplifying the charging process.

“Our unique Smart Start system removes the authentication process and need for 3rd party software, apps and cards – saving…money.”

Picture: Evos/EVOS Fleet Home22

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