Exporting to Europe?

The Forum has been approached by a local maker of European EPAL pallets offering a government-subsidised review to explore the potential to improve the supply chain costs and effectiveness of exports to the EU and Britain via these pallets.

The company has access to grant support through programmes that help companies affected by the closure of the Hazelwood Power Plant and Carter Holt Harvey to diversify and attract new business. Further support is available to these companies in regards to accessing capital for new opportunities, cost reductions and innovation projects that could also provide benefits to recipient customers.

The public support can be utilised to take advantage of EPAL pallets which are increasingly a European standard and which have a monetary value in those markets. If you are an exporter to Europe you could potentially benefit from this programme.

If interested please follow this link and contact me via confidential InMail for details. – Peter Roberts, founder.



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