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Federal/NSW governments announce $35 million in recycling grants

Manufacturing News

Applications are open to NSW companies for grants worth a combined $35 million supporting new recycling projects.

The announcement on Friday was the latest for federal Recycling Modernisation Fund support, which combines matched funding from Commonwealth and state governments. 

“Recycling is becoming a boom industry for Australia by increasing both its wealth and jobs. Recycling creates nine jobs for every 10,000 tonnes of material recycled, compared to only three if that material ends up in landfill,” said federal waste reduction minister Trevor Evans.

Funding is through the $190 million RMF, announced last July, and the state government’s Remanufacture NSW Fund.

The federal government plans to phase out all exports of unprocessed waste by July 2024, with bans on waste plastics, paper, glass and tyres, each phased in over time.

Support would prioritise “new sorting technologies and materials recovery projects that increase our ability to process mixed plastics, glass, paper and tyres, and boost our capacity to process valuable single stream plastics like PET and HDPE,” said NSW environment minister Matt Kean.

Applications are open until March 26.

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