First battery graphite produced in WA

International Graphite has successful commissioned its new qualification-scale graphite micronising plant (pictured) at Collie, south of Perth which will produce graphite used in battery anodes.

The 200tpa microniser is the largest in Australia and a milestone in the development of a domestic graphite industry, according to the company.

International Graphite told investors: “It will be the first to produce graphite products in Australia for customer acceptance testing.

“The project has been supported by a $2 million grant from the WA Government’s Collie Futures Industry Development Fund.”

Industry and government representatives will visit the facility today, located on the former Collie lignite coal field.

“In the future, concentrate feed for the Collie plant will come from International Graphite’s planned mine at Springdale, near Hopetoun WA, creating a complete mine to market supply chain in Western Australia.

“Micronised graphite is the first stage in producing battery anode materials for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

“It is also critical for industrial products, such as lubricants, polymers, plastics, ceramics and refractory materials.”

WA Premier Premier Roger Cook congratulated the company and said: “It’s great to see how funding through the State Government’s Collie Futures Fund is encouraging businesses like International Graphite to choose Collie as a base.

“As part of a Just Transition, my government is committed to working with the community and industry to set up Collie for a strong future, and create quality local jobs across a range of industries.”

International Graphite said enquiries had already been received from potential customers, who are seeking micronised graphite for industrial and battery applications.

Picture: International Graphite/graphite micronising plant

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