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First Perth made Metronet train rolls out

Manufacturing News

Railcar manufacturing has returned to Perth, Western Australia after a 30 year absence.

The government Metronet rail expansions brought the opportunity to return manufacturing, with the first full six-car C-series train built in WA having completed high voltage testing.

The train set will move out of the newly built Bellevue facility in the next month for extensive dynamic testing.

For approximately 12 months, the new train will travel along the Mandurah and Joondalup lines, outside of passenger service operating hours, to test it in a live environment.

This will include testing braking and acceleration, operational systems, passenger comfort, and energy consumption to ensure the train is ready for passenger services from late-2023.

Metronet is seeing the extension of rail lines and construction of new lines, including one to service Perth airport.

The new C-series will initially operate along the Joondalup and Mandurah lines to maximise capacity along the Perth network’s two busiest lines.

Alstom has a 10-year contract to deliver 246 new C-Series railcars and six new Australind railcars.

Picture: Metronet

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