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Five new Queensland quantum computing grant programmes

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The Queensland government has taken a bold step to develop the state’s quantum computing capabilities with the announcement of five quantum and advanced technologies competitive grant programme providing more than $50 million in funding.

The grant programmes will enhance quantum technology applications, attract investment and collaboration, develop a skilled workforce, aid decarbonisation and promote quantum-based innovations in sportstech in preparation for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to the government.

The new grant programmes are:

  • $20 million Quantum Commercialisation Infrastructure Program to help build infrastructure and a commercial pipeline of quantum and advanced technologies systems, devices, and components
  • $15 million Quantum and Advanced Technologies Co-Investment Fund to attract new investment and foster collaboration in quantum and advanced technologies development
  • $10 million Quantum Decarbonisation Mission for quantum technologies with the potential to make significant contributions to decarbonisation
  • $5 million Quantum 2032 Challenge Program for quantum-based innovation in sportstech for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • And $3.81 million Quantum and Advanced Technologies Talent Building Program to develop a diverse and skilled quantum and advanced technologies workforce.

The programmes owe much to advice from Quantum Innovation Queensland led by Queensland Chief Scientist Professor Kerrie Wilson and including representation from universities, science groups, venture capital, startups and industry.

The grant programmes are part of a $83.7 million investment over five years contained in the Miles Government’s 2024-25 Budget for the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy.

Professor Wilson said: “This launch underscores our dedication to advancing quantum technology and fortifying Queensland for the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.

“By establishing Queensland as the ‘Quantum State’, we lay the foundation for an economy that is resilient and innovative, poised to harness the full potential of quantum and advanced technologies for a sustainable and prosperous future.

“Our proactive measures, such as the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy and these new grant programmes, strengthen Queensland’s position as a leader in the quantum age, ready to adapt, thrive, and lead the way forward.”

The Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy is aimed at building on more than 30 years of quantum research in Queensland to turn world-class science into practical, everyday applications across diverse industries.

The Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy also includes compound semiconductors, superconductors, photonics, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

These technologies underpin the design and manufacture of quantum devices but can also be useful for non-quantum products such as semiconductor-based components used in renewable energy applications.

In April the Australian and Queensland Governments agreed to invest almost $1 billion into frontier technology company PsiQuantum to build the world’s first fault tolerant quantum computer in Brisbane.

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Picture: Professor Kerrie Wilson

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