Fleet sells connections to a million IoT devices

Adelaide nanosatellite builder and operator, Fleet Space Technology, has sold out its first release of space on its IoT satellite system.

Only two weeks ago @AuManufacturing reported that Fleet would connect up to one million devices at a cost of US$2.00 (Aud$2.75) per device, per year.

“Within hours the first million was fully booked, with another 2 million on the waiting list,” the company said in a statement.

Fleet announced it would build 10 more satellites to keep up with demand, and has opened a waiting list system to cope.

The company said its experience confirmed the maturity of the market for long range wide area networks (LoRaWAN) linked by small satellites.

“With 50 million LoRa-based devices already connected in 2018, the devices and service providers are all in place.

“What has been missing is a global connectivity solution suitable for massive Industrial IoT.””

Fleet Space has four Cubesats in low Earth orbit and a ground station near Adelaide.

The company also makes the Fleet Portal, a fully integrated Satellite/LoRaWAN gateway.

Picture: Fleet Space Technologies

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