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Foodifox lockers deliver hot food to hungry students

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Australian made Foodifox thermal food lockers have been installed at the University of NSW where they store hot meals ready for student pick up.

The high tech lockers installed last week are allowing the more than 600 students dining at Goldstein Hall each day to access hot and fresh meals outside of core dining hours.

Foodifox Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder Tim Pagram said the lockers allowed students to enjoy the food provided when they wanted to.

Pagram said: “The integration with My School Connect and Catering Project, is a strong demonstration of the highly-flexible and scalable ‘Self-Serve’ platform we have built at Foodifox to solve the food delivery and collection challenges at high-volume catering, residential and corporate locations around Australia.”

My School Connect is the University’s online ordering and cashless payments partner, while the Catering Project is a corporate caterer.

The 17 individually heated lockers are located at the entrance of the main dining hall and replace meals retrieved from a refrigerator, and then re-heated – often with mixed results.

The Foodifox lockers are also fitted with UV self-cleaning technology ensuring lockers are hygienic and ready for the next meal service.

Richmond, Victoria based Foodifox also supplies centrally located lockers to building owners to allow tenants to retrieve hot food delivered to their apartments.

Picture: UNSW/Foodifox

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