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Fortescue buys energy and industry company, forms FFI Ionix

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Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has acquired the commercial assets of green hydrogen technology companies Xergy Inc and Xergy One Ltd to form FFI Ionix Inc.

Based in the United States, FFI Ionix will commercialise hydrogen production technologies, including ion exchange membranes for water electrolysis, electrochemical compression, water transmission and fuel cells.

FFI Chief Executive Officer, Julie Shuttleworth said: “These investments will advance the technologies needed for FFI’s green hydrogen projects.

“Together, our goal is to make zero emissions energy available at an industrial, global scale as we become the world’s leading, fully renewable energy and green products company.”

FFI Ionix is a leader in next generation electrolysis technology, such as its Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) and is a commercial supplier of membranes.

The company’s technology portfolio also includes several solid-state, non-mechanical, hydrogen compression and expansion technologies.

FFI Ionix general manager Bamdad Bahar said the company has an intellectual property estate of over 100 patents and applications, and a sales catalogue of products.

“I am incredibly proud to have joined FFI Ionix and the global battle against climate change.”

Picture: Andrew Forrest

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