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FYI achieves increased output of HPA in pilot trials

Manufacturing News

Perth materials technology group FYI Resources has successfully achieved a 15 percent increase in output from a sample production campaign at its high purity alumina (HPA) pilot plant in Western Australia.

The company said the success demonstrated improvements in HPA’s process efficiencies and product recovery based on learnings from previous work and project development refinements.

HPA is the base for the manufacture of sapphire substrates for applications such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), artificial sapphire glass for mobile phone and television screens, and in battery and power storage components.

HPA plans a demonstration plant, and ultimately a a full-scale HPA production facility with a nominal production capacity of approximately 8,000 MT of HPA per annum. HPA sells for around $6,000 per tonne.

FYI Resources Managing Director Roland Hill said: “This small scale production run through the pilot plant allows FYI to analyse performance efficiencies of the process, optimising various aspects of the flowsheet.

“It also progresses our relationships with potential customers in providing quality HPA for qualification purposes to meet their specific requirements.

“We will continue finalising samples and deliver to customers as soon as possible.”

Initial tests suggested the HPA was in line with the upper range of product quality and purity.

The product will now be independently tested before progressing to product finishing stages for potential customer assessment.

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