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Gekko Systems launch updated online gold analyser

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Ballarat, Victoria mining equipment manufacturer Gekko Systems has launched the OLGA Mk3 in process data and analysis instrumentation system which it said will deliver higher yields in gold processing plants

Gekko Systems General Manager – Global Sales & Solutions Nigel Grigg said the OLGA online gold analyser was a flagship product for Gekko’s real-time data instrumentation division.

It operates alongside other key products such as the Carbon Scout to assist in measuring the recovery of gold real-time in gold processing plants.

“We are really excited about these new design elements which will improve value and returns for our clients as well as improve ease of operation.

“Now gold grades can be measured in real-time compared with the traditional assay-based process which can often result in two-day delays.

“Operating management will be able to respond immediately if there is a gold excursion or if the data provides other insights into plant trends.”

The OLGA has at its heart Gekko’s proprietary ‘Golden Eye’ lens technology developed by CSIRO that measures gold grade in slurries and solutions combined including low grade slurry streams down to as low 0.1ppm.

Other elements are also measured including copper, silver, platinum, and nickel.

OLGA Mk3’s multiplexing feature will allow for up to four streams within a processing plant to be assessed for gold grades.

The OLGA is typically installed to measure the cyclone overflow stream in carbon-in-leach circuits, around the electrowinning circuit and on flotation feed, tails, and concentrate.

With the multiplexing function, the OLGA can switch measurement of grade from stream to stream.

“The technology represents a significant step forward in the potential to automate gold leaching circuits.”

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