Gelion Endure enters energy storage market

Sydney’s Gelion Technologies has launched commercially a new type of zinc bromine battery onto the electrical storage market, the Gelion Endure.

Gelion’s chief executive, Rob Fitzpatrick said that storage was key to the widespread adoption of renewable power.

“The global battery market is valued at $60 billion to $70 billion and yet, if we were to take all batteries produced in one year, they would only have the capability to store around 11 minutes of annual power use.”

Developed by scientists at the University of Sydney, the Endures first commercial use is in powering portable lighting towers for the university’s Sydney campus.

The Endure differs from other systems using the same chemistry in ways that reduce its cost.

It works without the need for active cooling systems, utilises 100 per cent of its storage capacity and can be remotely managed, making it ideal for remote areas.

There were few details about Gelion’s manufacturing or distribution plans in the launch at the university.

Gelion is owned by Gelion UK, a joint venture between management and Armstrong Energy.

Picture: Rob Fitzpatrick

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