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Genevo Marine launches carbon fibre electric boat

Manufacturing News

Startup boatbuilder Genevo Marine has released plans for a luxury motor launch powered by batteries and an electric motor.

The Genevo E8 is 8.2 metres long with a beam of 2.48 metres, and weighs 2,500kgs.

The boat is powered by a 400kW electric motor linked to a 132kWh Lithium-ion battery.

The vessel boasts a 1kW Integrated Solar System enabling it to recharge its own batteries.

According to the company: ” Our launch boat, a cutting-edge 8m recreational electric vessel, sets the bar for high-end electric boats.

“We strive to be pioneers in the e-marine industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

“Our electric boats are not only stylish and high-performance but also environmentally friendly, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet.”

The Chinderah, Northern NSW company gave no details on construction progress or availability.

However it revealed the vessel had a unique composite hull.

“We’ve shunned the traditional, environmentally-harmful materials to craft our boats with high-performance, lightweight hulls.

“How? By repurposing recycled aerospace carbon fibre, blending cutting-edge technology with sustainability.”

The Genevo E8 is fitted with a 16″ Garmin Screen and Polk Audio.

Picture: Genevo Marine

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Manufacturing News

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