German rocket to be launched from outback launch pad

German rocket manufacturer HyImpulse has packed up their SR75 rocket ready for launch from South Australia in late April or early May 2024.

Rocket launch facility developer Southern Launch is hosting HyImpulse at the Koonibba Test Range for the maiden launch of their SR75 single-stage rocket.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp said: “HyImpulse are pioneering the development of new rocket technology and we are excited to assist with their first launch.

“We have been working in partnership with the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation to develop the Koonibba Test Range and this launch will be the first from our permanent facilities.”

The SR75 rocket uses propulsion technology which combines paraffin wax (candle wax) and liquid oxygen to create a hybrid rocket.

This launch will be the first time the SR75 lifts off from Earth to validate the technology.

HyImpulse CEO Mario Kobald said: “We have undertaken significant testing at our engine test facility in Europe and we are confident that the launch in Koonibba will give us valuable flight heritage and it will be the first step into the sounding rocket market.

“It also strengthens the confidence to continue the development of our orbital launch vehicle, the SL1.”

The SL1 Orbital Launcher will use ten of the SR75 rocket motors to lift payloads of up to 600kg to low earth orbit and could be launched from the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex also in SA in the future.

Picture: Koonibba test range

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