Glaciem’s unique heat pump cooling systems – virtual tour

Glaciem Cooling Technologies has begun deploying its solar powered heat pump and thermal energy storage cooling systems.

Its refrigeration, thermal energy storage and heat transfer technologies integrated with solar PV electricity cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than two thirds.

Ideal for hot climates, one of the company’s largest installations is at the giant Pernod Ricard Rowland Flat facility in South Australia, the home of Jacob’s Creek wines.

Glaciem has released a fascinating virtual tour of the Pernod Rickard installation which can be viewed here.

The site features three Glaciem technologies:

* thermal energy storage and discharge through a heat transfer process

* use of carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant for transfer fluid in heat pumps, instead of harmful hydrofluorocarbon

* and an Advanced Control and Forecasting Algorithm (ACFA) control system which reduces costs by forecasting weather and electricity prices to make the most of the energy storage available.

AGL installed more than 10,300 solar panels across Pernod Rickard’s two Barossa Valley wineries with a predicted annual generation of 4,000 megawatt-hours.

The project, and installations at Ceravolo Orchards at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills and the Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

In September Glaciem was named Sir William Hudson Award finalist in South Australia’s Engineering Excellence Award.

Media: Glaciem Cooling Technologies

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