Government building new Nulka missile production facility

The federal government has announced construction of a $23.9 million facility to build the Nulka anti-ship missile decoy rocket system.

BAE Systems Australia is prime contractor for NUlka, one of Australia’s most successful defence exports, which carries an electronic warfare payload sourced from the United Sates.

The missiles, mounted on Australian, United States and Canadian navy capital ships, fires automatically when an incoming missile is detected, hovering then moving away and sending out signals that confuse targeting systems.

Minister for defence industry Melissa Price announced the construction of the Nulka Missile Assembly and Maintenance facilities, at the Defence Establishment Orchard Hills.

She said an indigenous construction company National Aboriginal Construction Partners (NACP) Projects would build administration, assembly, maintenance and storage facilities.

Price said: “The Nulka decoy missile is the world’s most sophisticated electronic defence system for the protection of warships against anti-ship missiles.

“The system is currently deployed on more than 150 Australian, US and Canadian warships, making it one of Australia’s most successful export stories.”

‘Nulka’ is of Australian Aboriginal origin, meaning ‘be quick’.

Picture: BAE Systems

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