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Government launches new CRC-P grants round

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The federal government has opened Round 15 of Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants to develop new technologies, products, and services.

The government expects to award around $40 million in grants in the round to small and medium businesses for projects to support a circular economy or meet the key priorities of the National Reconstruction Fund.

Projects which support the national Science and Research priorities are also welcome to apply to Round 15 grants.

The Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic said the grants played an important role in strengthening Australian recycling technologies and developing a circular economy in Australia.

Husic said: “The CRC projects provide short-term support, of up to three years, for collaborative research projects”

“The programme is also working to boost capabilities in the emerging quantum computer sector and robotics companies.”

Since the CRC-P scheme was introduced in 2016, more than $500 million has been awarded to over 200 Australian businesses and organisations across Australia.

In recent rounds the government has supported research projects which include:

  • A medical innovation device that tracks catheter locations in premature babies in need of intensive care
  • A process to recycle wind turbine blades
  • And addressing ‘no and low alcohol’ winemaking challenges including microbial stability and shelf-life, and textural deficiencies.

Applications for CRC-P Round 15 are open for six weeks and close on 14 September 2023.

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Picture: Ed Husic

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