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Grants for improving SME energy efficiency

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The federal government has announced a further $41 million in Energy Efficiency Grants (EEG) for Small and Medium Enterprises to improve energy efficiency, save on energy bills and lower emissions, taking the total size of the scheme to $62 million.

The grants between $10,000 and $25,000 can be used to upgrade to more efficient equipment including replacing air conditioners with high efficiency units or gas heating boilers with heat pumps.

The first round of grants awarded $15.5 million to 674 businesses for energy savings from upgrades to pool covers, heat pumps, air conditioners, as well as more efficient hot water pumps and compressed air improvements.

Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Jenny McAllister said the grants would improve the bottom line of small businesses and lower emissions.

McAllister said: “Investing in energy efficiency can save on energy costs, taking the pressure off small businesses and allowing them to reinvest savings to their business.

“Upgrades to appliances like freezers or air conditioners not only saves on bills, but also contributes to Australia’s emissions reduction targets.”

Round two is a $41.2 million investment will be allocated to states and territories in proportion to the national distribution of SMEs.

Picture: Senator Jenny McAllister

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