Green Gravity set to store energy in Romania


Energy storage technology company Green Gravity‘s gravity-operated systems could soon be operating in Europe following the execution of an agreement between the company and Complexul Energetic Valea Jiului S.A. (CEVJ).

The companies have executed a Cooperation Framework Agreement to explore the application of Green Gravity’s energy storage technology in seventeen mine shafts on the four mining operations in the Valea Jiului in Romania.

The parties will assess the technical, economic and environmental aspects of converting CEVJ’s existing coal mines into energy storage facilities, using Green Gravity’s proprietary technology and expertise.

The study will also evaluate the potential benefits and challenges of integrating the energy storage system with the existing power grid and renewable energy sources.

CEO of Green Gravity Mark Swinnerton said: “Our technology offers a unique solution to store excess renewable energy using gravity, which can help balance the power grid and support the EU’s climate goals.

“Successfully implementing gravitational energy storage in the Valea Jiului will provide a
leading example for successful transition of a coal mining region.

“This project has global implications for climate, jobs and investment.”

The Agreement aligns with the European Union’s Green Deal, which aims to make
Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, as well as Romania’s commitment to phase out coal by 2032.

“Green Gravity’s energy storage technology represents a breakthrough in the search for
economic long-duration storage of renewable energy.

“By re-using mining assets, costs can be kept low. By using gravity as the fuel, we dispense with consuming the critical water, land, and chemicals which other storage technologies rely on.”

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Picture: Green Gravity/CEJV Lonea winder

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