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Growing Neo-Bionica announces new CTO

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Melbourne-headquartered medical technology developer and manufacturer Neo-Bionica has announced the appointment of US-based Uli Gommel (pictured) as its new Chief Technology Officer. 

According to a statement from the company on Tuesday, Gommel will spearhead its mission to revolutionise the delivery to market of novel neuro-technologies and smart medtech devices.

Neo-Bionica was established in 2021 – as a joint venture of the Bionics Institute and the University of Melbourne – to meet a need for local prototyping and manufacture, which had forced startups to look overseas for such services. However, it said, demand was such that interest has been drawn from international clients as well.

“Given this demand, Neo-Bionica fast-tracked its plan to establish a permanent foothold in the US with Uli’s appointment”, the statement reads.

Gommel has two decades of medical engineering experience across Europe, Asia and the US, and was most recently Director of Mechanical Engineering at cochlear implants maker Advanced Bionics.

At Advanced Bionics, Gommel led “end-to-end development and launch” of the award-winning HiRes Ultra 3D implant.

In the new role, Gommel “will oversee design, development, and manufacturing services, providing expert insights for clients developing next-generation neurotech and smart MedTech devices” at the company.

Neo-Bionica’s CEO, Dr. Ludovic Labat, said, “Not only does Uli’s expertise and vision align perfectly with our mission to help companies realize the promise of bioelectric devices, but his presence in the US also signals our commitment to serving the needs of this significant market. 

“With his leadership, Neo-Bionica will continue to grow quickly and smartly.”

Gommel will lead a team of industry and academic experts in medtech, mechanical and electronic engineering, with experience from top-tier institutions including Invetech, Medtronic, Cochlear, Bionics Institute and Planet Innovation.  

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