gTET commissions Australia’s only geothermal power station

Green thermal energy technology company gTET has commissioned Australia’s only geothermal power station at Winton in outback Queensland.

The Melbourne company was responsible for a turn-key installation including integration of two of its ORC generators.

ORC Generators convert heat energy into electrical power using the Organic Rankine Cycle, in this case based on hot water accessed from the Great Artesian Basin.

gTET constructed the generation system and cooling towers in Sydney, later installing them on site.

The system is the work of five local governments led by Winton shire, assisted by a $3.6 million state government grant.

Development was financed by a $35 million loan, with the new power station set to provide over 300kWe of gross power generation capacity.

The Local Government Association of Queensland estimates each shire could save $5 million to $20 million annually in electricity costs over the next 20 years.

the state government would also save $150 million in energy subsidies to the region.

Another 16 shires in remote Queensland are also considering installing the technology.

gTET’s head office is in Melbourne, with the company operating overseas through offices in Shanghai and Seoul.

Picture: gTET

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