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H2Co Energy launched as hydrogen retailer

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Green hydrogen producer Countrywide Hydrogen has revealed its hydrogen retailing strategy and launched its vehicle refuelling brand H2Co Energy.

Countrywide, a subsidiary of listed green energy developer ReNu Energy, has previously announced its engineering supplier, Wood, had selected contractors and suppliers for its Tasmanian green hydrogen and green energy projects, ahead of a final investment decision.

Also Plug Power was selected as the preferred contractor to supply five-megawatt proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers and Fabrum Solutions as the preferred contractor to provide its hydrogen refuelling stations.

Countrywide is developing a number of Tasmanian green hydrogen projects including its Brighton project to supply Hobart customers and a hydrogen hub co-located with the Bell Bay aluminium smelter which will produce 4.5 tonnes per day of green hydrogen for domestic use.

Countrywide said that refuelling stations were planned for Brighton in Hobart, Western Junction in Launceston and Heybridge in Burnie.

The company will target a low hydrogen fuel cost model with customers purchasing hydrogen directly from its own sites branded H2Co Energy rather than via third party resellers.

Countrywide Hydrogen Managing Director Geoffrey Drucker said: “Our strategy is a national one that we intend to deploy initially to our flagship hydrogen projects in Tasmania and then expand to the mainland where project development has progressed.

“The refuelling stations do not need complex infrastructure and we can target a lower hydrogen price by not including third party reseller margins in he supply chain.

“Our strategically selected locations in Tasmania offer statewide coverage for fuel cell vehicle owners and drivers.”

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