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H2X Global chooses India for component production

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Hydrogen vehicle developer H2X Global and Indian company Advik Hi-Tech today announced a joint venture for the production of products and components for India and for the global market.

The vehicles and components have been designed and developed by the H2X Global design team and production is scheduled to start immediately to cater for the rapidly growing demand for hydrogen powered equipment and vehicles in India.

H2X has developed and manufactures Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Vehicles and Power Systems as well as developing programs for Fixed Power Generation and vehicles in Europe, Australia, South East Asia.

Advik is a global leader of automotive components with over $100 million in annual revenues.

H2X and Advik have signed a binding agreement establishing a joint venture company to begin production of H2X’s series of powered generators.

H2X currently has two of these units ready for deployment in Australia.

The first generators manufactured by the joint venture will be put into service with a large scale power system providing emission free power for Advik’s state of the art Research and Development Centre located in Pune, India.

Managing Director for Advik Hi Tech Aditya Bhartia said: “We have great confidence in the product range from H2X as being one with several key opportunities to support to deployment of Hydrogen in the Indian Market and together with our local knowledge and expertise we see great opportunity to develop this for acceleration of the Indian Clean Energy movement.”

Advik will become a major supplier of products and components to H2X on a global level, using the significant power of the company as a leading supplier in the automotive industry.

CEO of H2X Brendan Norman said: “We have long believed India is one of the great manufacturing powers of the world and we have found a great player in the automotive Industry in Advik.

“The cooperation between our companies gives us great strength in being able to address India but also to provide us with a strong manufacturing backbone to support our production activities in Australia and other parts of the world as well.”

Picture: H2X Global/Warrego utility

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