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H2X Global reveals hydrogen fuel cell van prototype

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle manufacturer H2X Global has advanced its ambitions to produce fuel cell light commercial vehicles, unveilling what was billed as a new Hydrogen Professional Van prototype at a recent Body Engineering Days Conference.

The prototype appears to be a development of the company’s proposed Darling van which has been seen in artists’ renderings previously, however what is new is the result of a hook up with German engineering firm KTM Technologies GmbH.

Photographs released by H2X show Technical Project Manager for KTM Technologies Andy Schuhmacher delivering an address outlining the vehicle and a new, novel body manufacturing system.

Schuhmacher said: “KTM is thrilled to have collaborated with H2X Global on the unveiling of the Hydrogen Professional Van prototype at the Body Engineering Days conference.

“This partnership has allowed us to witness firsthand the innovative vision and dedication of H2X Global in pioneering hydrogen-powered solutions for the automotive industry.”

Proposed in six, eight- and 10-seat bodies the vehicle wheelbase varies between 4,670mm and 5,320mm.

This is made possible by KTM’s concept of a lightweight ‘origami chassis platform’ made from rolled aluminium.

The combination of H2X’s hydrogen fuel cell power trains, and KTM’s chassis design captured attendees’ attention, according to a statement from H2X Global.

Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of H2X Global Chris Reitz said: “H2X Global remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining sustainable transportation solutions, with a dedicated focus on hydrogen-powered vehicles tailored to professional drivers’ unique needs.

“The overwhelming response at Body Engineering Days underscores the industry’s acknowledgement of H2X Global’s pivotal role in pioneering hydrogen mobility solutions”,

H2Xhas a number of vehicle production projects underway for heavier hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and there was no word whether there were customers nor production plans for the new van prototype.

Picture: H2X Global

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