H2X Marine extends hydrogen push to ships

H2X Marine, the new boat building arm of hydrogen fuel cell Vehicle manufacturer H2X, has begun building water craft powered by green renewable energy.

The company will initially produce a range of zero emission passenger ferries for industrial and commercial use, and prototype hulls (pictured) have already been produced.

CEO of H2X Marine, Sam Blackadder said the company would lean heavily on technology developed by hydrogen fuel cell vehicle developer H2X Australia, whose plans were first revealed by @AuManufacturing in June.

H2X Marine headquarters are located in Brisbane, with construction by local company WildCat Marine, a ship building specialist with more than 30 years experience in commercial vessels, including passenger ferries.

Blackadder said: “We have commenced construction and we will employ up to 40 boat builders and hydrogen drivetrain specialists when we reach production capacity.”

Chairman of H2X Marine, Mr Craig Elvin said: “We are making a significant capital investment in this new industry because we firmly believe that the use of green hydrogen is the fuel to drive Australia’s industry as we phase out fossil fuels.

“We should be demonstrating the ferry by Q1 of next year.

“In terms of business, we are looking to get letters of intent from potential customers and partner with early investors to expand H2X Marine. We’ve been operating very much in stealth mode.”

H2X Marine employs naval architects who have been working to develop the first of the company’s ferry, the Maroochy.

The vessels will be aluminium hull, with 50 passenger capacity and fitted with two 120 kw electric power trains driven by green hydrogen.

Blackadder said: “We will also be building a range of larger vessels right down to smaller recreational craft and this to include providing retrofit facilities for existing marine craft.”

CEO of H2X Australia Brendan Norman said: “H2X Marine has the full support from our H2X partnership and experience which gives great advantage over other manufacturers new to this market space.

“Our H2X Fuel Cell Team have been responsible for a number of FCEV and Fixed Fuel Cell Power Applications successfully in use today.”

Investors in H2X Marine include Elvin Group Renewables and H2X Australia.

Picture: H2X Marine: prototype hull with chairman Craig Elvin left) and Wildcat Founder and H2X Marine board director Guy Obren

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