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H2X to supply hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Sweden

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Australian hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer H2X Global has announced it has signed an agreement with one of Sweden’s major municipal waste companies to provide hydrogen fuel cell powered trucks and light vehicles.

Renova, which is owned by 10 municipalities across the Gothenburg region in western Sweden, and H2X Global have signed a memorandum of understanding for the supply of five commercial vehicles from the H2X range.

The vehicles (pictured) are one 18 tonne back loader truck, one 28 tonne demountable truck and three 3.5 tonne tail lift vehicles.

The agreement opens the way to grow H2X Global operations in Scandinavia for the development and production of vehicles to the transport industry using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric propulsion, according to an announcement.

H2X Global’s head of northern Europe Peter Westh said: “We believe that H2X is the partner of choice as not only do we provide a total zero emissions solution for our clients’ commercial fleet, but we stay with our clients supporting them along the entire journey, including aftersales market.

“In addition, the H2X model matches the highly innovative and forward-thinking Scandinavian approach.

“Our unique hybrid model of vehicle development using supercapacitors instead of batteries is a key component.”

The City of Gothenburg vehicle fleet aims to be fossil-free as early as 2023, and by 2030 carbon emissions will be reduced by 90 percent across the city’s transport system.

H2X Global also said it would set up its European HQ in the region of Gothenburg where leading automotive companies are located

CEO of Business Region Göteborg Andersson said: “The phasing out of fossil fuels is facilitated by switching to hydrogen fuel cell technology in certain applications.

“…(H2X’s) establishment here complements our already strong industrial cluster in sustainable mobility in an exciting way.”

Picture: H2X Global

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