HackHunter launches portable WiFi tracker

Melbourne cyber security IoT provider HackHunter today launches its locally engineered and manufactured device to detect and locate the source of unauthorised and potentially malicious WiFi systems.

HackHunter has just won the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) 2020 Award for Cyber Security Start Up of the year for product innovation around cyber security.

HackHunter CEO, Tracie Thompson said: “HackHunter’s innovative technology shows organisations exactly what WiFi is operating in their network environment in real-time, and quickly finds the WiFi source with precision so it can be immediately removed if unauthorised.”

WiFi has been used increasingly during the Covid-19 pandemic by companies to share data with staff and customers, but it can easily hijacked by setting up a fake WiFi network.

In a trial with an ASX 50 listed company, the Pursuit WiFi tracker (main picture and below) found one Wifi device hidden under an office floor and another device hidden in a bag that was remotely switched off in proximity to the tracker.

HackHunter has also completed a trial in the US with a large defence company allowing them to detect and display a WiFi source – a mobile phone hotspot, in a desk drawer on another floor.

The device is designed, developed and manufactured in-house in Australia, using advanced 3D printing and product design principles.

The Pursuit weighs less than 250g, lasts over 10 hours per charge and is designed for single-handed use.

In addition, the HackHunter Insight analytics platform provides a real-time dashboard, that analyses data logs and generates automated reports, including how WiFi in the environment has changed over time.

Backed by the AustCyber Projects Fund, HackHunter has developed the Pursuit WiFi tracker from prototype to market-ready in eight months.

The AustCyber Projects Fund is a $15 million, three-year initiative designed to help the Australian cyber security industry grow both locally and globally.

AustCyber CEO, Michelle Price said: “Demand for cyber security products and services has dramatically increased in 2020, caused by the accelerated digitisation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a significant economic opportunity for Australia’s cyber security industry. Investing in sovereign companies like HackHunter and their innovative technologies helps to improve our nation’s overall global competitiveness, as well as its cyber security.”

Pictures: HackHunter

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