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Hadrian X construction robot breaks into US market, could snare 300 orders

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FBR and CRH Ventures have executed a Demonstration Program agreement to jointly construct up to ten houses in Florida in the United States with the Hadrian X construction robot.

The houses, the first to be built in the US with the Perth built construction robot, could ultimately see up to 300 Hadrian X robots deployed in the United States – each robot is worth about $2 million.

The two companies also signed an option agreement to enter into a joint venture for the supply of FBR’s Wall as a Service in the United States pending the success of the Demonstration Program.

According to FBR the venture is the result of significant collaboration between industry leaders, driving innovation in construction for a better-built future, with robotics seen as a key part in re-shaping construction.

FBR Managing Director and CERO Mike Pivac said: “The agreements with CRH Ventures and its affiliates are another significant step in FBR’s commercialisation journey and demonstrate a clear path to scale and profitability with the commencement of the joint venture.

“We have set a clear strategy for the Company to enter the United States market, and we will be doing so with the assistance of one of the largest concrete block manufacturers in the country.

“We are excited to arrive in a new international market to showcase the capabilities of our technology and commence our scaling plan with the financial and operational support of one of the world’s leaders in building materials production.”

CRH Ventures is a subsidiary of concvrete block manufacturer CRH plc.

Hadrian X robots are able to lay 300 specially designed, large concrete blocks a minute, reducing construction time and labour costs on building projects.

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Picture: Hadrian X construction robot

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