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Hanhwa and Rheinmetall partner with SMEs

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Hanwha Defense Australia and Rheinmetall Australia have both revealed new partnerships involving Australian SMEs for their competing bids to produce infantry fighting vehicles under for LAND 400 Phase 3.

Hanwha announced an expanded partnership with CBG Systems as part of the Redback and Huntsman it is offering under the bid.

And Rheinmetall has chosen Cook Defence Systems tracks for its KF41 Lynx offering which will feature rubber tracks manufactured by Mackay Rubber in Victoria.

CBG Systems of Tasmania is using its Solar Sigma Shield advanced insulation technology to make the Redback and Huntsman hard to see or detect with radar,

CBG first joined Team Redback to support the LAND 400 Phase 3 Risk Mitigation Activity, and following a competitive selection process, has now secured a long-term role on LAND 8116.

This will extend to LAND 400 Phase 3 should Hanwha be selected as preferred tenderer.

The Solar Sigma Shield technology will also assist in managing the thermal signature and other heat transfer properties on Hanwha’s Redback and Huntsman family of vehicles.

CBG’s insulation can decrease internal vehicle temperatures by up to 25℃, thus reducing heat stress on personnel and equipment.

Meanwhile, Rheinmetall has selected the Cook Defence Systems TR40 track with Mackay rubber tracks for Lynx.

Cook is already supplying Rheinmetall with tracks for LYNX vehicles under construction for other nations, and Mackay is a supplier to Cook for other programs outside Australia.

Mackay’s track pads are made from an advanced rubber formulation and are proven to provide durability in demanding environments.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Gary Stewart said: “The partnership between Cook Defence Systems and Mackay Rubber is an excellent example of how Rheinmetall is working with its partners in Australia to deliver best of class technology with enduring sovereign capability benefits.”

Picture: Hanwha Defence Australia

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