Hardiman Hockey Field field redeveloped with recycled materials

Recycled materials have featured heavily in the City of Darebin’s redevelopment of KP Hardiman Hockey Field, which the council has called a case study for prioritising the circular economy in construction and demolition work.

According to a statement from the council, KP Hardiman features 98 per cent end-of-life tyres in a shock pad layer under the field, recycled brick and concrete in one layer of the field, pathways using recycled soft plastic as an additive in concrete aggregate, recycled hard plastics in bench seats and recycled glass as “conduct bedding in trenches.”

The field is the home ground of La Trobe University’s hockey team. It has achieved accreditation through the International Hockey Federation.

Mayor Lina Messina said the City of Darebin hoped the project would “become an inspiration for individuals, businesses and organisations across Victoria to take up the use of recycled materials and these exciting new technologies. 

“Recycled materials are no longer a novelty. Their use will and must become a priority for how we design and build for our future.”

The $2.8 million restoration and upgrade was assisted by a total of $799,580 in Victorian government support, including a $299,580 Sustainable Infrastructure Fund grant announced in February.

Picture: www.latrobeunihockey.com

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