Hazer Group moves ahead with low emission hydrogen plant

The Hazer Group has executed an agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency that will see it develop a $16.5 million commercial demonstration plant to produce low emission hydrogen from methane biogas.

The agreement with the Perth company will see ARENA provide $9.41 million in funding to the project to construct the Hazer Process Commercial Demonstration Project.

In all $7.9 million will be made available in the construction phase with $1.5 million earmarkerd for the operational phase.

Hazer Group is a University of Western Australia spin-out business commercialising a process to turn methane biogas into hydrogen with nearly zero emissions.

The Hazer Process also traps carbon as graphite, which the company hopes to sell as well as hydrogen to industrial customers. Iron ore is used as a catalyst.

The grant was announced in September, with funding contingent on Hazer satisfying certain conditions.

The plant will be built at the WA Water Corporation’s Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, using biogas produced during waste treatment.

Picture: Hazer Group

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